How to Effectively Manage Remote Employees Positives & challenges

Whatever the reason, a weak link can negatively affect the entire team. Your team members can’t be instant messaging you and interrupting your work for every little thing. They also shouldn’t be managing their to-do list in Slack, as notes can easily get lost or forgotten there.

effectively manage remote employees

This feature allows employees to see how many vacation days they have available, and it also keeps track of the days they have used. This can be a valuable tool for managing vacation time, and it can also help you to plan future vacations. Leave tracking lets employers keep track of employee absences and vacation days.

Managing remote teams is different to managing individual remote employees. You need to ensure that individual employees are supported, whilst also ensuring the success, productivity and efficiency of the team as a whole. Most business owners hire remote employees and delegate those smaller tasks.

Manage remote employees while fostering trust

Most people choose to visit a museum, which unintentionally turned our #creative_day channel into a virtual tour of art exhibitions worldwide. Strong team bonds are all about people connecting with each other on a more personal level. By teaming people with varying experiences, they can learn from each other. See it as cross-mentorship, except both team members offer different skills instead of one person having more knowledge in a particular area.

Kohlenberger finds that the best remote team members are “self-starters who are able to adapt to change and work independently.” Managers can then evaluate employees by their accomplishments, rather than the number of hours they spend in the office. Though we host our workations in either Lithuania or an exotic destination, you don’t have to fly out your entire team to have an amazing experience. For starters, our team created fun Slack channels about food, music, books and what to watch on Netflix next. These channels arose from one person having an interest and flourished into a crowd of people discussing TV series and more. If people find an course or conference related to their job , we happily support them!

Here are many online training and courses that can benefit your remote employees. Managing remote employees from a different continent may take you a few days of early morning wake-up calls but their result is always satisfactory. These small gestures go a long way in helping remote employees remain focused, productive and more importantly, engaged. Working remotely can create a sense of isolation among employees which directly affects their performance. Thus It is important to help them establish connection with other team members to keep them engaged. If not managed properly your remote team members can easily feel abandoned and isolated.

effectively manage remote employees

You’ll always get at least a few, “wow, you look different than you did on video” and other funny reactions. More importantly, though, you’ll build more rapport in a few days of teamwork in person than months of remote efforts. You show a lot of solidarity if every once in a while, team members in your main time zones accommodate your outlier. It will help your team remember the sacrifice their teammate is regularly making and help them empathize more with the distant, remote person.

As you onboard and set expectations for your new employee, know what tasks you’ll give them and set up platforms for an effective work environment. “You must proactively reach out to people regularly to create a sense of teamwork and community.” Every month, we organize video calls where we all talk about a topic or discuss previously announced questions. We break up our big team into different groups and informally chat in breakout rooms for about an hour. We also have quarterly creative days, where people unplug, explore and share their findings with the team.

Self-service also gives employees more control over their records and allows them to take care of simple tasks without needing to contact HR. By keeping this data organized and up-to-date, employers can more easily manage their workforce and employee database management can help to identify trends in employee behavior. For instance, if there is a high turnover rate for a particular position, the employer may want to investigate the reason why this is happening. To find the right system for a business, it is important to consider the specific needs of the business and the employees. Some systems may be better suited for businesses with large workforces, while others may be more appropriate for businesses with a smaller number of employees.

How to Identify Good Remote Employees

He said he didn’t see why they needed to be in the same room all the time. Team leads are responsible for showing newbies around, or in our case, virtually introducing them to their colleagues on messaging tool Slack. If anything is unclear, they can hop over to our #new_hires channel where seasoned members are supporting remote workers that just started working full-time at The Remote Company.

effectively manage remote employees

The payroll entry feature is a great way to keep track of your employee’s hours and earnings. With this feature, you can easily add or edit employee information, as well as view and print payslips. This feature can also be used to generate reports, such as a payroll register or an employee payment history. In addition, the payroll entry feature allows you to set up direct deposit for your employees.

Essential Tips for Managing Remote Employees

These are short profile texts in which team members describe how they enjoy remote working, collaborating and being approached by colleagues. On Slack, team members are encouraged to update their status with their country’s flag. This is a fun conversation starter, as well as a time zone indication for team members. To gauge a candidate’s desire to work for us, we developed a unique way of applying.

The portal includes a range of features, such as the ability to view benefit details, enroll in benefits, and make changes to personal information. The Self-Service Portal is convenient for employees, and it helps to streamline the benefits administration process for employers. Bonusly’s social recognition gives employees the platform to acknowledge and affirm the accomplishments and positive contribution of their coworkers. It is a powerful tool for building relationships, fostering collaboration, and promoting a sense of belonging. Rippling can help employers identify which employees are eligible for which benefits, and calculate the cost of those benefits. Rippling can also help to automate the enrollment process for new employees and to keep track of employees who change their benefits elections.

Microlearning uses quick, easy-to-consume lessons instead of extended learning sessions – resulting in learners absorbing the information faster and retaining it longer. This type of education is often superior to long-form training because it uses a method of education known as microlearning. Strong relationships also protect you from unwarranted condemnation from employees if you make a mistake. TeamViewer Remote Management Manage, monitor, track, patch and protect your devices, and software. Learn how to get people right with our practical curriculum taught by instructors with real-world experience.

e clear, concise and conclusive in your communication

So far, we’ve touched on nearly a dozen tips you can use to better manage your remote employees. Because of the unique challenges that remote employees face, it’s important to have questions on hand that help dive into those issues they uniquely deal with. Most importantly, how To manage a remote team trust your instincts when you see something might be wrong. Those non-verbal clues you see on video are your opportunity to fix problems when they’re small for your remote employees. Today, we’re here to guide you through the challenges of leading remote teams.

  • Often, the development of remote employees takes a backseat as they ‘re not within your vicinity.
  • With eLearning, your remote employees can educate themselves on essential subjects and topics in their home office or hotel room.
  • Provide a clear description of what the job entails, the prospective employee’s responsibilities, information about a typical working day and any information about flexible schedules.
  • Two-way dialogue between managers and employees ensures that communication efforts help, rather than hurt, engagement.
  • Send whatever swag you have, so that your remote employees have them, too.

MIT’s Dr. Peter Hirst of the same department used those findings as inspiration to pilot a flexible work program, with the goal of changing the way his team perceived remote work. He wanted to see what would happen when the team’s perception of remote work was changed from a rare privilege to a common opportunity any on the team could take advantage of. In 2022, 72% of companies in Buffer’s survey have said they plan to adopt remote work permanently, up from 46% in 2021. Three years after COVID-19 emerged, the vast majority of organizations around the world have adopted remote work at least partially.

Year-End Benefit Plan & Payroll Checklists

When someone writes a message, we don’t expect others to reply right away. This means no one has to check their messages non-stop, allowing them to work uninterrupted. Knowing this, we need to plan tasks ahead of time, to make sure there’s enough time to complete tasks. Managing a remote team will be extremely challenging if you don’t have a set of guidelines or values that everyone understands and respects. Managing any team, remote or traditional, starts with setting clear expectations. While each person might have individual responsibilities based on their role, the entire team needs a set of guidelines that help them stay on the same page.

How to Use Facebook Groups for Business to Get Clients’s templates and tools also help managers to plan and execute their workflows more easily. This feature can help managers keep track of employee productivity and attendance and help to prevent fraud and abuse by ensuring that employees are paid for the hours they work. Employee management software systems need employee database management to keep track of employee data. This data can include employee contact information, job titles, salaries, and performance records. Online meetings have become increasingly popular, especially with more and more employees working remotely. It can be difficult to arrange for everyone to be in the same place at once, especially if your company does not have an office location or you have employees who do not live within commuting distance.

Building better interactions during meetings

Oyster can track employee data and Labor law changes in different countries, and provide alerts when new compliance requirements are introduced. Additionally, the feature can generate reports that can be used to assess an organization’s compliance risk. This feature allows organizations to tailor their benefits packages to the specific needs of their employees in different geographical locations. For example, an organization with employees in both the United States and Canada might offer health insurance plans that are specifically designed for each country’s healthcare system. Bonusly’s employee reward program can boost morale and build team spirit, as employees strive to earn rewards together.


When you consider people for remote work, be sure you have full confidence in their accountability, work ethic, and skills. Focus on hiring or granting transitions to remote for people you trust can handle it. Many long time remote workers like to go to coffee shops, have a desk at a co-working space, or another place they can work outside their home.