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Maldivi Kompletan vodič za putovanje 2023 Cene, Hoteli, Slike

Ukoliko imate odmor u aprilu, a oduvek ste maštali o Maldivima, ne časite časa. Kraj takozvane sušne sezone na Maldivima idealan je jer ima više šanse za ponekim belim oblakom na nebu, pa je boravak preko dana prijatniji i nema briga od štetnosti sunčevih zrakova. Temperatura vazduha je visoka, dok je voda u lagunama oko […]

Hotel 5 rooms for sale in Tivat Municipality, Montenegro for 660,000 listing #85164

We enjoyed most of the musical entertainment the hotel offered. The hotel caters to families, so expect a lot of children at the hotel. There is a lot for children to do at the hotel, besides the beach. Maybe somewhat fewer choices than some other inclusive hotels, but plenty to choose from anyway, all well […]

Autobuska Stanica Tivat Автовокзал Тиват-Tivat Bus Station bus station in Montenegro Map

During the season this beach line is supervised by a lifeguard. The roads are paved and comfortable, but tourists often notice that the asphalt is slippery even when it’s not raining. The stopping distance is much longer on a winding road, and local drivers often don’t turn on blinkers on sharp turns. It makes no […]